The baleful influence of Paxman

I've been watching and listening to lots of news broadcasts lately, and it seems whilst it's arguable that the news is dumbing down (Radio 4 et al still seem to have be pretty solid to me, not sure how TV News matches), it's unarguably that the journalists are *ruder*. They can't seem to finish a bloody interview without trying to interrupt their subject midsentence with the patented Paxman "aggressive questioning". "AHA! But that was your fault, WASN'T IT??!!"

I was just watching the afternoon news and some idiot journo was trying to lay into Gordon Brown, mid sentence. While I'm not one to stand up for deference (certainly not with Gord),it's annoying because it doesn't actually increase the audience comprehension of whichever story is under debate. One gets sucked into this malestorm of the journalist trying to rudely show up whoever it is. Who do these people thing they are, Gordon Ramsey?


" a joyous refrain..."

I watched Singing in the Rain last night. What a glorious film. I wasn't expecting to be quite so enjoyable. Really liked the satirising of Hollywood fakery, loadsa interesting material (from a Film History point of view) about the transition to talkies, and the dancing! Om my days, as my kids are wont to say... I'll be trying some of those movies at Duckie. Also, the use of colour, and the feel this gave the film was absolutely incredible in the song and dance sequences especially the Broadway Melody sequence at the end. The tendency to burst into song everytime someone opened a door or dropped a hankie used to irritate me in musicals, but it doesn't anymore ... perhaps I am getting romantic and soppy in my old age.

If you haven't seen it - and need a bit of feelgood cheering up - do so immediately.

Part of the reason I watched it was as I was teaching Clockwork Orange today and I wanted to show the Gene Kelly sequence in contrast to Alex/Malcolm McDowell's brutality. It's a very effective contrast!


Currently reading: The internet, too much. When I can bring myself to switch it off, James Hillman’s “Re-visioning Psychology”. I might take Zenith’s tip about Goodreads, as I want to start reading a lot more. I will finish “Against the Day” this year.

Currently listening: Right now, Elvis “King Creole” soundtrack, brought from Fopp sale today, alongside The Maytals. Loch Ness Monster reggae comp, Step Forward punk singles boxset and Joe Meek EP. The Elvis is surprisingly good. Rocking the iPod, various toytown pop downloaded from Marmalade Skies. I’ve also been playing “Metamorphoses: Electrnic Interpretations of Modern & Classical Works” a lot – it’s a Russian LP on Melodaya and features a track by Eduard Artimeve, the guy who did the Stalker soundtrack. It’s also that weirdest of commodities, a good record I brought from a charity shop.

Currently watching: Myself, in the mirror. Not much TV really. I saw “Being There”, Peter Sellers as an idiot savant Jesus, last night. God knows what will be next. City of Men DVD has lurked next to the TV for a month or so but I’ve still not watched it all. The news a lot, fascinated by our economic implosion.

Current thrills: Records, generally. Getting inspired by various esoteric interests again. “The ladeez”… and getting fit again. Rocking my new coat – it rules. Winning ebay auctions and throwing all my new records and work papers all over the floor till it looks like a pigsty in ‘ere.

Current wearing: Muji shirt, whie T-shirt, new jeans, holy socks. Shirt and jeans unfortunately makes me think of that picture of Nick in The Guardian.

Current hobbies: Records, to the extent that its getting boring. Exercise (again). Meditation, Hsing I and Ba Gua.

Current plan: Stay awake till I go to sleep. Then martial arts and work.

Current product desires. Surprisingly, records. A book that hasn’t yet been written, fusing Reich, bodywork, tantra and loads of other stuff together in a coherent, non-mystical fashion.

Currently in love with: No one, but so what?

Half term - what to do?

Hello land of Livejournal

I am off work this week. What are some enjoyable, reasonably inexpensive activities I could indulge in? I *may* go to Brighton, I will probably do some exercise, other than that not to sure - any ideas? 

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It was really great to see everyone last night, almost too many people to talk to - to wheel out a Xmas cliche, let's do it again soon.

As "promised" (quotes = like anyone cares)

Here's a list of all the records I've brought this month: 

Collapse )

The sad thing is, I may well have forgotten some of them....

Hope to see you all in the not-too-distant anyway.

The state of my head, Novembe 2008

Hello internets, I haven’t been on LJ for ages, in part due to it being blocked at work, in part due to not being arsed and generally being too busy, largely with work. It’s nowt unblocked so I am watching you all again. Occupied the last few months with meeting lots of new people, training a lot and being overwhelmed at work. This is passing so I thought I’d do one of these slightly narcisstic posts. 

currently reading: Richard Wilhelm’s essay “Constancy & Change”, Dave Lee’s new book “Bright from the Well” (the Northern trad through a very modern, filter with diversion into science, poetry, fiction, breathwork and sorcery. (Mordant you *need* to read this), “Fire in the Soul” by , autobiography of Joe Harriot, famous Jazz saxophonist and
currently watching: Halfway through Three Burials (I have to watch this for work – how good is my job!), and deep into Death Note (great insane detective anime courtesy of Seth)
currently listening to: Lots and lots of vinyl records – best buys of the last week being Annette Peacock – “I’m the One” and the Daughters of Albion’s self-titled LP.  Specifically, right now, this Asher G roots session I dug this out after seeing him win at a soundclash last night – I hope the promised MP3 of this materialises

current thrills:
Winning records on ebay. Having a job I like. Resurgent interest in tantra and the I Ching. Organising a tape swap via Dissensus (please feel free to join up and join in). 
current hobbies: See above. Martial arts as well.    
currently wearing: The usual - the usual being more than halfway through it’s passage to it’s passage to the old – I really need to buy some new clothes.  
current plan: Stop buying so many records on ebay and do something slightly different with my time (see resurgent interests above). Go see "Gomorrah". Get more proficient at my job. Save for some traveling.    
currently into these products: Hsing and Ba Gua classes. My record collection.
current product desires: A copy of “Bass Odyssey” by Monk Montgomery, which I lost on ebay last night.
currently in love with: Life

currently wondering: Will Ritchie bring back the records I asked for from the Utrecht record fair?
current angst: Losing aforementioned copy of “Bass Odyssey”

The above is perhaps a bit vinyl- centric, but the initial flurry of passionate revived interest is perhaps passing or at least slipping back into it's rightful place, I think I got so into because a) I'm a huge nerd  but b) because it's value-neutral rather than the heavy "self-development orientated stuff I often take an interest in.

MA - Social Networking

Hi all

It's been a while.....

Back from the Green Man festival, which was generally wonderful and readying myself for work. Media Studies is changing hugely as a discipline because of the Web 2.0 stuff and I'm wondering about trying to get "ahead of the curve" by doing an MA (not till the next educational year obviously). Does anyone know of any MAs which focus on Social Networking/Web 2.0 - not from a programming perspective (can you even do programming related MAs?) but from a cultural/theoretical angle, ideally with a focus on education?

Failing that, can you think of any interesting academics with interesting things to say about these areas, as these might be good people for me to chase up.