danalcapone (danalcapone) wrote,

A Very (Nice Walk) in the Country

Spring is upon us, the flowers are blooming, the trees are doing whatever it is that they do...or maybe not quite yet, but they certainly will be in a few weeks - which is when I propose we go out for a bit of a walk.

The plan (if we have sufficient interest) - get a train out of London, a route/distance not too pricey and do a short walk from one of the many guidebooks now available. I have the Time Out one for instance, and the walks very in length from 3 to 12 miles or so. Perhaps stop off at a pub for lunch, and go for drinks/dinner/Radox baths as suits when we return to London.

If you fancy it, please indicate your interest here. Try and say any dates which are totally impossible for you as well. I'd be thinking 2/3 weeks time.
Tags: social
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